Why Prophix?

Top 3 reasons for selecting Prophix according to our customers:

Prophix's modeling and analytical capabilities

Prophix's Ease of Use

Prophix focuses on building a flexible and powerful CPM solution that grows with the customer's organization


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Workflow & Collaboration

Gain control of the planning process by leveraging Prophix Workflow manager. Setup your planning process, assign data entry and review tasks to users and see at any time where your organisation is at.

Approvals & Controls

PROPHIX provides a formal workflow process to ensure there is increased visibility in your organisation on when items have been completed or remain outstanding.

Reporting & Dashboards

Report from a single source of financial truth and remove the complexity and inaccuracies from your financial reports. Produce beautiful, engaging reports and dashboards with email them with an automated distribution process.

Managing Data Sources

PROPHIX consolidates actual data from ERP systems and a variety of other data sources giving you one version of the truth and one central reporting interface.

Microsoft Office Integration

PROPHIX provide integration with Microsoft Office, including support for document formats, formulas, data e-mail. Data visualisation can be shared and integrated into Word, Powerpoint, etc.