Flexible & Powerful Software To Monitor The Health Of Your Business

Create precise budgets with far less labor and gain a deeper understanding of what drives your profitability.


  • Increase Accuracy

    Tired of switching between your CRM, ERP, and payroll software for data to build your budgets? With Prophix, data collection is automated, condensing all relevant metrics into a single budgeting platform. This increases your data accuracy and eliminates the need for manual data input.

  • Gain In-Depth Insights

    With all your data combined into a single platform, you now have greater insight into the implication metrics have on your budget. You can see the big data picture with in-depth reports and adjust your budget for the optimal results with just a few clicks.

  • Improve Collaboration

    When building budgets in the past, you’ve probably found it difficult to coordinate between different departments and navigate competing interests. Now, employees can easily enter data how and when they want, increasing their buy-in for the budgeting process.

  • Automate Tasks

    Today, automation capabilities are more powerful than ever. With Prophix, you can automate some of the menial tasks associated with budgeting. For example, you can automate budget submission and review processes through the appropriate workflows, removing one more task from your to-do list.

  • Mitigate Risk

    Switching between multiple platforms and working in personal budgeting spreadsheets can easily lead to errors. A missed value or incorrect formula could destroy your whole budget! Instead, you need a budgeting software that has built-in controls and increased data accuracy.

  • Facilitate Agile Budgeting

    Whether you want a cloud-based or on-premise budgeting solution, Prophix can facilitate your needs. With our budgeting software, you can choose the deployment option that’s best for your business, and easily transition to another deployment method if your needs change. Plus, thanks to our cloud-based option, you can access your budget from anywhere, on any device.

  • Save Time

    All of these benefits come together to save time. The work once done by multiple department heads over many days can now be done by a single person in a short number of hours. Prophix offers a streamlined, innovative way to improve your annual budgeting process.


Fast, Insightful Forecasting With Ease


  • Boost Accuracy

    While you can’t predict the future, Prophix forecasting enables you create accurate predictions without the confines of formulas and spreadsheets. Your forecasts will reach new levels of consistency as you integrate all your crucial data and decision-making points into a single platform.

  • Create Rolling Forecasts

    The days of static or fixed forecasts created each quarter or year are over. Today, rolling forecasts give you the power to work with constantly updated data to reflect even the slightest changes in your business or market. When you can easily create rolling forecasts, you gain greater insight into the future and stay ahead of fast-paced industries.

  • Automate Integration

    With Prophix’s automation capabilities, you can easily pull data from multiple sources to create accurate forecasts. Instead of entering data manually or referencing numerous other sources, Prophix does the work for you, pulling actual, planned, and forecasted data into a single location.

  • Customize for Your Needs

    Businesses in every industry have different forecasting needs. With Prophix, you can create forecasts that make sense for your business. Create forecasts based on cash flow, production, sales, and finances, using the timeline that’s right for your business, whether that is days, weeks, months, or years.

  • Promote Agility

    To accurately prepare for your business’ future, you need to integrate real-time data. You can quickly adapt for rapidly changing factors like interest rates, currency rates, production levels, and payment terms. Giving these factors a place in your forecasts makes for improved plans for the future.

  • Amplify Collaboration

    Through Prophix’s workflow capabilities, you are able to track inputs, changes, and approvals, while avoiding long email chains or inefficient conference calls. With the input from different team members across your organization, you’re also able to integrate local and immediate impacts to your forecasts.

Accurately represent your true employee costs providing the control, accuracy, and flexibility that you need for analysis of personnel data.


  • Capture Cost Insight

    Because your employee salaries are one of your largest expenses, it’s crucial that you gauge their impact on your finances. Prophix personnel planning capabilities reveal the impact of personnel on consolidated profit and loss statements, while incorporating variables like taxes, benefits, transfers, position changes, restructuring, commission, bonuses, and incentive planning.

  • Protect Employee Data

    Human resource teams have access to sensitive employee data, so you want to ensure that you use solutions that keep data safe. Prophix enables you to set granular access controls at the user level to maintain data security. You can rest easy knowing that only approved users can access salary information and other personal data.

  • Save Time With Automation

    Making changes to your personnel plans can be tedious and time consuming. Now, with Prophix, automation is your greatest tool for increasing HR team productivity. Important calculations, including payroll taxes , bonuses, salary adjustments, and fringe benefits are all automated for a more efficient planning process.

  • Centralize Calculations

    Spreadsheets and basic human resource management systems (HRMS) are limited in their ability to calculate the impact of changes to payroll or personnel. With Prophix, all of your calculations are centralized into a single solution. For example, if you change your 401(k) policy, you only need to change a single calculation to see the impact across your entire organization.

  • Payroll Integration

    When you adopt Prophix, you won’t experience a slump in productivity as you add existing data. You can hit the ground running since Prophix directly links with external payroll systems to prepopulate personnel data and correlate personnel plans with actual data for variance reporting.

  • Enhance Accountability

    Prophix allows you to hold department managers accountable by streamlining the payroll planning process. For maximum efficiency, you can incorporate manager input into your workflow, designating it as essential to a project’s progress.

  • Single Storage Solution

    Using different payroll or personnel solutions makes it nearly impossible to see data in real time. Prophix gives you the power to store and align detailed personnel information all on a single platform. Centralized personnel information also plays a key role in the unification of company-wide reporting.

Forecasts can change rapidly, having the flexibility to create alternative scenarios quickly and efficiently is essential. Get a single version of the truth across the organization.


  • Gain Actionable Insights

    Right now, your sales data is all over the place, making it hard to truly understand the impact of this information on your sales plans. With Prophix, you can apply consistency and usability to the data you receive from sales. When you better understand your data, you’re equipped to make the most impactful decisions.

  • Simplify Data Entry

    Manual data entry takes up time that would be better spent on other tasks, like closing sales. With sales and revenue planning solutions, you can create a data entry template that’s simple for sales representatives to populate and submit for review. Streamlining this process increases participation rates and improves your granular data insights.

  • Simplify Integration

    Forget the manual processes. Prophix fully integrates with any CRM, ERP, or other system to automatically pull in large amounts of transactional data with ease. Even better, you won’t be on the hook to decipher or organize this information. Prophix does all the work for you.

  • Get the Big Picture

    With planning processes of the past, it was difficult to keep your plans updated and accurate. Prophix’s detailed sales and revenue planning capabilities allow you to vary inputs and see changes to the bottom line immediately. Plus, you can compare multiple scenarios to determine which course of action is best for your business.

  • Make Rapid Changes

    Because sales are closed rapidly and your revenue numbers could change at any minute, the planning process demands flexibility. With Prophix, you can create exceptions as needed to help you accurately forecast revenue recognition. Plus, you can adjust plans without jeopardizing the data’s integrity, unlike planning in spreadsheets.

  • Promote Collaboration and Transparency

    To get the best sales results, all of your key decision makers need insight into your data. Monitor progress against your plan by making relevant information about the forecast available to everyone who needs to see it. With everyone looking at the same information, your company is now working off a single version of the truth and empowered to make the best decisions.

Link your project plans to corporate plans and forecasts. Collaborate across your organization and understand the potential outcomes with a completely integrated software solution.


  • Cost-Effective Project Planning

    A failed or inefficient project is wasted money. Prophix allows you to create detailed revenue and expense plans, so you can constantly keep an eye on progress. Through tracking key project drivers and metrics – both quantitative and qualitative – you can monitor profitability, too.

  • Automate Processes

    When coordinating between different departments, it can be hard to keep operations running smoothly and avoid speedbumps. Automation can help you avoid these problems. Prophix reduces your reliance on manual processes and spreadsheets, and directly assigns project expenses to departments and/or cost centers.

  • Facilitate Collaboration

    Accurate reporting means an effective feedback loop, promoting alignment of both project leaders and decisions makers. Earn buy-in for projects by creating ‘what if’ project planning scenarios that clearly display potential end results.

  • Increase Agility

    Often, projects stumble because budgets change and it’s difficult to adjust plans quickly. With Prophix, you have greater organizational agility and control, with the power to adjust ongoing projects as changes occur. This enables effective resource allocation and project funding.

  • Simplify Reporting

    A disconnect of information from different sources leads to mishaps and a lack of transparency. Now, you can accurately report and forecast the financials from ongoing projects and provide transparency into final results. Using pre-built tools for advanced data analysis, you can track the impact of every decision.

Provide your executive team with the ability to understand financial performance along with cash position. Ensure cash outlays are in alignment with organizational objectives.


  • Coordinate With Ease

    Each department has a role to play in your cash flow planning, but with siloed systems of the past, cross-departmental collaboration has been difficult. With Prophix, everyone has access to the same data and the ability to input their information quickly, avoiding error-prone manual processes.

  • Build Accurate Balance Sheets

    Your balance sheets provide crucial insight into how much money your company actually has to spend. But, gathering information from numerous sources can be time-consuming and hard to organize. Using Prophix, you can easily collect and organize financial details from operational areas, allowing for a more detailed and accurate balance sheet forecast of your cash balances.

  • Gain Granular Insights

    Your cash flow position changes daily, so you need multidimensional forecasts for a more comprehensive view of your business. With greater granularity and insight, you can better understand and report on the fluctuations in your cash flow.

  • Enhance Planning Capabilities

    Tired of preparing a separate cash forecast based on short-term events? Prophix makes cash flow planning simple and easy to integrate into your high-level cash flow plan. With a cash flow statement that is accurate, understandable, and accountable, you have the knowledge needed to make wise financial decisions.

CapEx planning integrates detailed capital asset costs into your planning process, enabling the organization to understand the impact of planned capital expenditures on your company’s performance.


  • Identify Impact

    Simple adjustments to your asset listings can have a big impact. With Prophix, you’re able to understand how changes to CapEx management, like adding and eliminating tangible and intangible capital assets, directly impacts your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

  • Accurately Calculate Depreciation

    While tracking depreciation can be done in a spreadsheet, one error could impact every calculation. With Prophix, you can create automatic depreciation calculations such as straight line, double declining balances, and sum of years. You’re also able to use key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate capital expenditure assumptions.

  • Monitor Actual Expenses

    Plans change, so it’s important to keep track of actual expenses, instead of projected ones. With CapEx management capabilities, you can conduct variance analysis at a detailed level. Import data into Prophix from multiple sources (ie. ERP or G/L) to have one central repository of information for analysis.

  • Empower Managers

    Managers are often the ones held accountable for capital expenses in a company. So, they need an easy-to-use tool to help them track how and why money is spent. Prophix allows stakeholders to investigate their costs and justify their budgets, achieving greater accuracy and accountability by involving operational department managers.

  • Track Patterns

    Are there types of capital expenditures impacting your company’s profitability? With Prophix, you can review historical CapEx spending patterns, identify potential issues, and outline projections for the future.

  • Save Time

    Eliminate manual steps and benefit from the automation of capital expenditure calculations. Prophix gives you the insight needed to see how adjustments to additions, depreciation rates, repairs, and maintenance affect the bottom line and impact your company.

Aggregate all your company’s planning data in one unified software solution, ultimately improving long-term strategic decision making.


  • Promote Departmental Alignment

    When something happens in one area of your company, how will it impact the other departments? Providing an integrated planning platform to your marketing, operations, and finance teams helps everyone to work together toward the same goals.

  • Track Progress

    Know exactly where to focus your organization’s efforts at all times. Prophix provides your leaders with a holistic understanding of performance drivers and helps you identify top profit drivers. That way, you can allocate time and resources to the endeavors with the greatest financial gains.

  • Foster Collaboration

    Every department in your company has its own important role to play. With Prophix, you can optimize strategic planning and resource allocation, empowering your business to strike the perfect balance between sales and operations planning for maximum profitability.

  • Predict Outcomes

    With a better understanding of your entire business, you’re able to quantify the financial impact and risk of every decision you make. You can also answer “what-if” scenarios and determine how each department will be impacted. With these insights, you can ensure every decision is the best decision possible.