Keep Your Whole Business On The Same Page

Are you tired of navigating multiple ERP systems or sifting through historical data to find answers? With Prophix, you’re able to automate the consolidation of data from any number of source systems, connecting all the pieces of information for a streamlined financial process.

Whether you’re separated by states or by continents, it’s a challenge to manage a business that’s spread out. With Prophix, distance or siloed information won’t hold you back. You can gather data from anywhere in the world or from separate ERP solutions and use that data to ensure you are seeing the consolidated results of every branch of your business.

Using data from multiple sources, you’ll create more accurate forecasts with precise consolidated data. Prophix allows you to apply different currencies to your analysis and set ownership percentages for a comprehensive understanding of your operations.

When you’re spending hours simply gathering data from numerous sources, you don’t have much time to adequately apply your data insights to your decisions. And, when data is manually gathered, you can’t even be sure your conclusions are accurate. Using Prophix ensures that the data you rely on is accurate since it’s linked directly to the source data.