Automate The Production & Distribution Of Your Key Financial Statements

Prophix performance reporting tools bring your team to new levels of efficient collaboration. Add the “why” behind your data and greatly reduce the time needed for planning. Accelerate your workflow and performance.


  • Provide Insight

    Collaboration between departments helps you add the “why” behind your data, and it can greatly reduce the time needed for planning. With Prophix’s performance reporting tools, your employees and your senior managers can work together to reach business goals.

  • Accelerate Your Workflow

    Adding supporting documentation and commentary to your data gives managers the details they need to expedite the approval process. This reduces time spent on email chains and in meetings, and accelerates your workflow, putting hours back into your day.

  • Actionable Reports

    Performance reporting instantly identifies the purpose and context of your reports and empowers your employees to make better business decisions. Supplementing your reports with cell comments, line item details, and row notes allows you to add the crucial information needed for business success.

Prophix provides self-serve dashboards and visualizations directly integrated to your data. Always be informed and make better business decisions.


  • User-friendly, self-service dashboards.

    Prophix Dashboard Studio provides self-serve dashboards and visualizations directly integrated into Prophix data, workflow tasks, announcements and external URLs and databases. Always be informed and make better business decisions with Dashboard Studio.

    With a few clicks or taps, you can build a dashboard relevant to your role and responsibilities or a corporate dashboard that provides an overall view of company performance.

Measure and monitor performance with easy to create reports and charts. Drill into your data with pinpoint accuracy.


  • Ad-hoc Reporting

    Translate your multidimensional cube data into a layout that is easy to work with for on the fly analysis. Ad-hoc reporting allows you to quickly access and navigate your data, and easily generate meaningful custom reports without the need to build formal templates.

  • Slice and Dice Your Data

    With Ad-hoc reporting, you can conduct high quality analysis by moving around your data hierarchy. Drill up or down on the specific data members you want to focus on, enable data entry for immediate data input, and easily retrace your steps with intuitive navigation tools.

  • Tailored to Your Role

    Prophix offers comprehensive reporting and analysis tools that are customizable to reflect each user’s unique view of the business. Since reports are self-served, you can tailor your reports and access them from any browser or device with no dependence on IT.

  • Dynamic Reporting

    Don’t waste time on tedious data verification. As you add or update information, all reports and dashboards update automatically, minimizing the amount of maintenance necessary. Comments and schedules follow the data, giving you access to the supplemental data wherever it is presented.

Automate the distribution of your reports to all stakeholders keeping system security intact. Save time, shifting focus to data analysis instead of report creation.


  • Streamlined Reporting

    Schedule reports to be compiled and emailed on a regular basis to stakeholders across your organization. Users can view all reports from a single source, including external reports not generated in Prophix.

  • Efficient Compiling

    Gone are the days of manually selecting worksheets for printing and assembling for different divisions and roles. Reporting in Prophix allows you to mirror approval levels, generating reports that are filtered for every individual.

  • Create Reports that are Easily Understood

    Not everyone in your company likes delving into complex spreadsheets to analyze data. With Prophix reports, you can create visual data representations that everyone in the company can easily analyze, drill-down, and compare to the transactional level. With these data insights, stakeholders can better understand the why behind outcomes.

  • Represent Data Using Your Company Standards

    Prophix’s reporting tool allows you to create reports in standardized formats or by customized design. You can choose from a variety of pre-configured formats or design your own, saving time and ensuring reports maintain common formatting across the organization.

Highly visual and personalized presentation of data uncovers powerful insights with stunning interactive charts and graphs. Navigate the interactive data either visually or using a tabular format, quickly surface key data and insights, creating better tools to run the business.


  • Superior Decision Making

    Visual analytics make it faster and easier to understand data in real time. Because the visual data representations are linked directly to the source data, any changes are automatically reflected in the visuals. Now, decision makers have access to the most current information to ensure they’re making the best decisions.

  • Accelerated Analysis

    In the past, you’ve plugged numbers into self-made charts or used rudimentary Excel graphing tools to create visual representations of your data. Now, you can uncover powerful insights with detailed interactive charts and graphs, all with a single click. Prophix’s visual analytics are linked directly to data with transaction detail. You don’t have to input the numbers yourself. Prophix does the tedious work for you.

  • Deeper Insight

    With Prophix, you can see various viewpoints and perspectives, enabling many key stakeholders to interact and adjust data as needed. Using these comprehensive insights, you can answer questions like: how are we performing to targets, how are specific departments performing, and what are the underlying impacts of performance?

  • Easy to Use

    Stun your stakeholder with visual data representations that have all the details of complex coding without the work. These visualizations are automated, requiring absolutely no coding on your end. And because they’re so simple to create, anyone in your company can generate these charts and graphs with minimal training.

  • Meaningful Presentations

    You can use your visualizations for more than just Prophix reports. With our PowerPoint integration, you can access your dashboards – and all of your Prophix data right from your presentation. Answer questions on the spot by diving into the details behind your graphs without leaving your slides.

Discover which products, services, channels, or customers you should maintain, adjust, or discontinue. Prophix can help you maximize profits and increase shareholder value.


  • Boost Accountability

    Using Prophix, you have increased accountability into both overall performance and performance at a departmental level. Using these profitability insights, you can determine things like which products, services, channels, or customers you should maintain, adjust, or discontinue. And, you’re empowered to quickly deliver precise information for faster decision making.

  • Reduce Costs

    If you’re looking for ways to effectively reduce costs and optimize performance, Prophix’s profitability analysis features are your strongest tools. You can identify how direct and indirect costs are assigned to products, customers, services, and distribution channels. Based on those insights, you can pinpoint which costs can be reduced and where profitability can be enhanced.

  • Plan for the Future

    Most importantly, profitability analysis tools can help you evaluate ways to change your business for improved profitability, and analyze the impacts that potential adjustments may have. For example, you can answer questions like, do we have capacity to increase the production of a specific item and how much will it cost? These observations help you put your business on the best course for the future.